Professional Appraisal of all classes of vehicle

Survey of accident damage vehicles

LKK's well trained and experienced Engineers and Assessors with many years in the Automobile Inspection field will carry out inspection of all classes of vehicles that are damaged in accident. This inspection will be done before repairs to the vehicles are carried out.

With the initial estimate of the repairs of the accident vehicles, we will inspect the vehicles and provide an inspection report of our recommendation of the repair cost. The inspection will also identify the cause of the accident, whether it is due to the result of poor maintenance, fair wear and tear, mishandling of the vehicle, inconsistency of the damage and the economical aspect of the damage vehicles.

Re-inspection of vehicles after repairs

Our team of trained Automotive Engineers will conduct the re-inspection with high tech equipments to detect the repair condition of the vehicles whether the parts had repairs done or replaced with new or second hand parts. A comprehensive report of the re-inspection will be provided to our valued clients. Our reports will be served as evidence for Court Expert witness testimony.



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